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Do you  ever have regrets of marriage ?

Even thought I have a good marriage doesn't mean I'm happy where I'm at. I just feel like I changed  completely  who I am and what I wanted in  love for someone and now I'm unhappy. By making someone  else happy I forgot the most important  person. ME. but we have kids now and I know I won't leave him. We don't argue so its not like I have reason to leave I couldn't do that to my kids but I just am mad at myself. For putting me aside 

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    I think what you're feeling is a revaluation. No doubt you've been taking care of your children for so long that you haven't thought of yourself in a long time. Yes, you have changed. But nothing is wrong with that; we all change. It doesn't mean you hate your family, or you want a divorce. It's acceptance; and nothing is wrong with that either. Yes, it's scary; yes, it's strange. But you're maturing. Trust me, it happens to us all. We lose sight of ourselves, and when we do, we don't recognize ourself. So we have to, in a sense, readjust the camera's lense. In time, everything will become clear. Hope this helps.

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    Just regrets about myself. I’m not marriage material...I’m not a good wife or partner, I don’t cook, or clean, or domesticate....but, I do organise cabinets.

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    there are days I pray for death

    after 30 years ,,, I have realized it was my fault to marry the good girl not the slut 

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    Just be in what you have now, be content of what you have, as you don't have any problem with your husband. A lot of wife suffer with a wrong husband. While you having a good one. Love more your family , think of your kids.

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    As soon as you have children basically you have put a large chunk of yourself aside. They didn't ask to be born but you created them.

    The trouble is that people create something that they are responsible for without truly thinking it through before they did it.

     Fact is there are a whole load of roads you could have taken in life but you can only take one them; you cannot drive up them all. And some of these roads might have been a hell of lot worse than the one you’re on.

    I'll tell you what your problem is, is not road you took that's really bothering you, it's the fact that you're past that point in life where you have all these roads in front of you to take.

    You long for the starting point of youth again, we all do and I know I'm 67, my glass isn't half empty, no I'm onto the last slug in the glass.

    So cheer up and enjoy your children, because I would give up a year of my life to go back in time to spend one day with my children when they were young, just so I could see all the things that I didn't appreciate at that point in time.

    ‘’ Time is a jet plane, it moves too fast

    Oh, but what a shame if all we've shared can't last’’

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    No cause i am not married

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    I have never had regrets about marrying my girl.  I have changed and so has she.  We have changed so that we fit together ever more perfectly.  We think, act and dress alike.  We are one person.  The most important person is US, together.  Not me or her. WE are important.

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    Read the book "Self Matters". You need to get back to your true self.

    As for me, at times I regret getting married. The only good part of our marriage is our two children. My wife has become a covert narcissist - most people don't see it; but our younger child does. My wife constantly manipulates events between our kids and/or between me and our kids. Unfortunately, it has driven our older child to the point they live nearly 600 miles away. Our younger daughter lives much closer - and although she could live at home (virtual classes), she only stays 2-3 days then has to leave because of the 'all about me' attitude of my wife.

    At this point, we're simply two people living under one roof. I'm absolutely miserable, but am stuck between a rock and a hard place. Due to her line of work, she's got the best divorce lawyers in the country on speed dial (where she works, they specialize in custody case evaluations) and has seen every accusation ever made between spouses. Although I've done nothing wrong, it would be nothing for her to lie to get her way - or worse, have me arrested 'just because'. So, yeah, I regret getting married. The only good thing to come out of it is my kids. Everything else...just a painful reminder why I never should've gotten married.

    Or put another way:

    My second biggest regret was asking her to marry me.

    My biggest regret in life is actually marrying her.

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    If you're going through all this, then you're not happy with YOU.  I'm sure it has little to do with your husband.  Take a look at yourself. Learn something about gratitude and personal contentment.  

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    It is very egotistical to think the most important person is "ME".

    Anyway most marriages now end in divorce anyway. Over 50%. Some people are happy about their 'practice marriage' and don't have regrets but most regret jumping into a marriage.

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