What type of base was used for the older model M60?

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  • 1 month ago
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    I carried the M60 "Pig" for a bit over two years. There are two bases that I'm aware since I assume you're talking about the SAW version. There were two "legs" that folded down that were attached to the barrel. And a POS tripod. The legs were a pain in the butt because they got snagged on a lot of brush ect. But were extremely effective in steadying and absorbing recoil. If you keep them clean and oiled. You could snap them down with a flick of the weapon. The tripod I only used once and hated it with a passion. The weapon jumped around on the pintle. Even if it was secured with the pin. It was heavy AF(I believe a bit under 20lbs). And a pain for the AG to carry.

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