Are Public Pranks illegal ?

So me and a couple of friends were messing around the other night in the downtown area of our town. We basically were going around all the bars and restaurants around 11 or so at night, and basically the prank we were doing was my friend was in a wheelchair (for the prank, not actually paralyzed or anything) and I was pushing him. As we passed a bar with people outside I would fake slip on the ice or catch a curb weird and we’d both go tumbling. Victimless prank really, most people who saw would be in shock for a second and come to help and when we both got up we’d say it’s just a joke and thank them and they’d all die laughing and think it’s hilarious. At the end of the night, literally feet from my vehicle a guy came up to us and said we did this prank to his daughter and was basically threatening to kill us and chased and shoved us, took a few swings and all this b.s. until a cop passed by and stopped him. It just had me wondering what is the legality of a prank like this. No one gets hurt, nothing gets damaged, and everyone (except for this guy) has a good laugh.

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  • Yeti
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    1 month ago

    Most "pranks" are going to cross legal lines. The main question is if they become criminal where you can be arrested and charged, or if they simply remain civil matters, where you can be sued for money damages.

    If this is a true story, it sounds like you miffed some guy enough that he came after you, so you might want to think twice about how you're traumatizing people.

    Or I guess it's possible this guy decided to pull his own "prank," maybe even in coordination with the police officer, to scare you straight. Wouldn't that be funny? I bet he got a good laugh. And you weren't hurt or damaged or anything, were you? Ha ha.

  • 1 month ago

    The first answer is BS.

    I don't believe a word of your story, but the alleged father of someone that saw your prank would have been charged with assault if this actually happened as you describe.

    There would be ZERO grounds for a civil lawsuit unless someone was actually harmed as a result of the prank.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    "Victimless prank."  Whatever you say, Scrappy.  I guess this guy didn't "die laughing and think it was hilarious," did he?  Depending on what state you're asking about, you could face a civil lawsuit at the very least.

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