Why do some guys only like breasts?

I'm mainly into a ladies' rack. When I watch adult flicks I focus on the foreplay and don't venture past that. Is there a psychological reason to be fixated on women's chest?

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  • 1 month ago

    It's how your brain is wired.  Everyone isn't the same when it comes to sexual taste/preferences.

  • 1 month ago

    your mom............................

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Most guys like breasts, it's a simple biological fact. The problem is a lot of guys are so fixated on them they don't see anything else. There are thousands of cute girls in the U.S. that don't have DD's

  • 1 month ago

    Is there a psychological reason?  ABSOLUTELY.  Men fall into two categories.  Just two.  There are breast men and there are @ss men.  

    Breast men like well-shaped breasts on a woman, and usually prefer LARGE breasts.  The reason is, the breasts remind them of their mommy.  They are literally looking for a sexual partner who is a mommy replacement.  This is true (ironically) even if their biological mother was very flat chested.  Men like this are in the majority and that is unfortunate as these men tend to be very immature and not able to handle longer term relationships well.

    @ss men are more focused on legs.  In particular, they like small butts and long, skinny legs.  Bonus points for generous "thigh gap".  These men are (mostly) repelled by women with large breasts for the exact same reason that breast men LIKE large breasts.  Large breasts remind @ss men of mommy, which is why most of them do not like large breasts.  Most @ss men are of the opinion that smaller breasts are better, and that it's not possible for breasts to be too small.  @ss men are generally more mature than breast men and @ss men are better able to handle long-term relationships.

    What does this mean for women?  Well, if a woman has the typical "hourglass" figure that is said to be most attractive to men, that could be a large reason why she is meeting all the wrong type of men.  Meanwhile, that same woman might have a female friend with a banana or rectangle body shape...and that girl has GREAT luck with men.  As the woman with large breasts, you are probably looking at your flat-chested friend and wondering...why does a woman with very small boobs have such good luck attracting great guys?


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