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Lately I’ve been having severe issues with anxiety, depression and ESPECIALLY LACK OF CONCENTRATION, what is it about and  do I do about it?

I put emphasis on the lack of concentration because I begin school next week. My moods been very low and I’ve been having mood swings and bad anxiety attacks. I can’t get sleep at night without smoking weed or getting blitzed drunk and I know it’s honestly  not something I really want to be doing. 

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    If you have severe depression, you should get treatment for it. I can tell you about self-help, and there are good self-help methods. but treating depression with self-help alone is experimental and treating a severe case is very risky. 

    If you're a minor in the US, you can't get therapy without your parents permission, although you can talk with a school counselor. You can show your parents results of a screening test. KADS 6-Item is a test designed for teenagers.

    I'm guessing that you're worried about the school work, so I'll give you some advice about that, but first this about depression. 

    Of all the basic lifestyle choices, the one with the best evidence is exercise, and you don't have to be an athlete to benefit from it. Research shows that when people suffering from depression go for long walks with friends, this is very therapeutic (source - the lifestyle-depression project at the University of Kansas). Things that take your mind off your problems for a while, like a funny movie, are helpful, as long as you don't let them dominate you. If you go to Metapsychology, you can read a psychologist's review of Dr Steve Ilardi's book ("a splendid book"). He's the therapist who headed the U of K lifestyle-depression project.

    Of all the traditional Asian methods (meditation, tai chi, etc.) the one with the best evidence for helping people with mood problems is controlled breathing.  

    The things you'd want to tell the doctor are how you feel at different times of day, any symptoms you might have such as change in appetite or sleep, and things in your life affecting how you feel.

    I can't tell you exactly what you need. There's no one size fits all solution. I can tell you though that there are healthy lifestyle choices that can enhance the effects of the standard treatments with office visits. You're welcome to click on my name and read. This has details about self-help based on cognitive-behavioral therapy and lifestyle choices that help with depression - nutrition, basic lifestyle things like sleep, exercise, and social support, also traditional Asian methods.

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