Can I get rabies from racoon/skunk exposure?

A few days ago i heard noise last night like an animal was scampering around but I ignored him. The next day I grabbed a bucket which was full of rainwater. It rained last night and throughout the day. I poured the bucket out but felt some excess water splash in my eye. My fear is a rabid animal may have drooled on the bucket and the virus made itself in my eye. Bucket was outside but shaded by roof. Fear is the virus couldve survived 20 + hours. Now have left eye twitching along with the right a little. Will I/do I have rabies? Am I at risk? Terrified.

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    1 month ago
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    Chances are that a rabid animal would positively avoid water.   Hydrophobia... hint.  Even if they did the chances are slim to none that the animal would walk up to the bucket to investigate, look in and start salivating over the contents then drool into it.

    If you are that concerned follow up with your medical provider.

    Rabies btw doesn’t show up any symptoms for the first few days, no twitches, no headaches et unless you were attacked by a wolf and had other trauma to your body.  Several people have been exposed, shown absolutely no symptoms and died from the disease when they were to far advanced to be cured.

    Muscle spasms in the first 24 hours are not a symptom of having been exposed to rabies.

    Better yet:

    Rabies Virus Lifespan Outside of the Body. Temperature and conditions may play a small part in varying the time frame, but the rabies virus cannot survive outside of a host body. Typically speaking, the rabies virus will be rendered inactive once outside of the host body (and host body material such as saliva) for a matter of seconds.


    Does this put your mind at ease.  You could get a bacterial infection or a fungal infection if the water was stagnant but don’t worry as much about becoming the next rabies victim.

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    Thank you this defintely put me at ease. I shouldve been more accurate a week and a half has passed since then but I assume the same principle still holds could be anxeity. Thank you very much for the peace of mind!

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