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What is the matter with human being?

Human beings they have problems with over population, now that corona is taking lives, they still have problem with that.

Human beings they say to me "if it is gonna happen, it will happen" if I tell them no, dont take the plane, what if it crashes? they say if it is your time to die, then you will die, that's the answer I get. Now with corona, stay home, wear mask, social distancing? what happen to "if it is time for you to die, you will die?"

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    Probably’s difficult to completely stop activities like taking a plane. People have to live with the probable risk, so they can’t be paranoid and stop all their tasks out of the fear of something going wrong.

    Yes over population is a huge problem. But millions of people dying from an epidemic is not the solution any sane or decent person would want. Controlling the number of births is probably what most of us realize is necessary.

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    but not wearing a mask etc etc   can be seen as suicide , yes we all have our time to die BUT there is a difference ,because you dont help ya death come along  faster than planned by being stupid and reckless

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    2 months ago

    I am actually pissed off with lockdown, lockdown your cars and plane

  • 2 months ago

    Well, some people refuse to wear masks or stay at home or even practice social distancing. Its life and its just the way it is.

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