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What did Hitler mean when he said this to Albert Speer?

I was reading Albert Speer's (Hitler's architect) memoir book. In it he writes that one of the final interactions he had with Hitler occurred in early 1945 and he writes that Hitler confessed to him that the war had been lost and he went on to say "Didn't we bring about the secret dream of every European citizen? wasn't that the principle behind our victories? They never loved the Jews! Their whole lives they were afraid of Russia, that somber, gloomy country in the east, that centaur wild and alien to Europe! I simply said: let's solve these two problems, did we come up with something new? No!  We simply brought clarity to those questions for which all Europe was seeking clarity. As long as there is life, struggle will exist, including struggle between people and nations. If people were to live in heaven they would rot. Mankind became what it is thanks to struggle. War is a natural, ordinary thing. War is eternal and everywhere. It has no beginning and no end. War is life itself."

How do you interpret what Hitler told Speer? 

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    A precise answer is hard to formulate since, in your statement "Hitler confessed to him that the war had been lost and he went on to say...", there is an uncertainty of "who" 'went on to say': Hitler or Speer in his narrative.

    And what was the "secret dream" shared by every European citizen - to rid Europe of the Jews?

    There is somewhat of a sphere of truth in the claim that Europe was afraid of Russia. It had been Britain's intent to start a war between Germany and Russia since the mid-1800s - both world wars were steps to that ultimate end.

    The Weimar Republic was a puppet state created by the Versailles Treaty to further break the resolve of the German people beyond what damage resulted from WW1.

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    It doesn't need any interpretation: Hitler hated and feared Jews and Russians and thought everyone else in Europe did as well. He was wrong.

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    Hitler Blaming the Jews for WW2

    he hated them and believed WRONGLY that everyone in Europe hated the Jews

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