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What are some good non-mainstream isekai-fantasy animes?

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  • Raditz
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    1 month ago

    Watch "The Twelve Kingdoms", which is a very underrated isekai anime, especially during the current "isekai boom". It's an old anime, but its still leagues ahead compared to the recent isekai titles in terms of story and characters.

    It's a shame that people rarely recommend this title nowadays, due to the anime was released almost 20 years ago. But don't be fooled by that, since it's one of the best isekai-themed anime out there.

    Another underrated isekai anime is "Gate: Thus the JDSF Fought There", where this title was unable to compete with the other big isekai titles that were loads of them during this title were released.

    This anime were quite unique, since it focused on political matters, where Japanese side were trying to create diplomatic relations with the countries in the other world, instead of the usual "adventuring and defeat the demon lord" trope.

    Its also one of the rare animes, where the technology from our world were proven to be broken to the boot, and there's literally nobody on the other world could fight it (usually it was the opposite, where our techs were obsolete in the other world, due to magic shenanigans).

    If you want a fun/comedy isekai anime, then try watch "Those Who Hunt Elves", which was also an old anime.

    This anime is basically a gag-comedy title, and filled with ecchi scenes, where the main characters needs to find runes in order to be able to go back to their world. The problem? These runes were imprinted in the Elves skin, and it can literally be anywhere in their body.

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