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Why do you have to disclose when you open a new bank account?

I got a message on Instagram from a woman who wanted to know if I wanted a sugar mommy who would pay me $480 a week and $3500 when I initially met her.  I said I did since I needed the money to get my online girlfriend who lives in another state to be able to visit me.  Unfortunately I needed to pay $100 for her details and $50 after that.  I'm unemployed and living with my kids since I'm 32 and have Asperger's.  I would ask my parents for the money but they forbade me from sending money to girls I met online after I sent over $1000 to another girl I was dating online.  The woman making the deal offered for me to make a new bank account so she could give me the money for the details and store her own money there.  I was all for it until learning that I would have to disclose the bank account or be accused of committing fraud.  I couldn't disclose the bank account because my parents would then find out that I've been continuing to reply to girls messaging me on Instagram after they forbade me.  Why do you have to disclose whenever you open a new bank account?


The authorities.

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  • 2 months ago

    Disclose to who?

  • 2 months ago

    DO NOT disclose you NAME to the scam operator that sent the message.

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