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Is there science behind the reason why time flies when you’re having fun?

For example, you’re running in the park with a friend for what feels like 2 minutes, but in reality, 10 minutes have passed! At work, you’re working on a task for what feels like 10 minutes, but in reality, only 2 minutes have passed!

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    Kind of...

    It's a matter of how we notice time passing by. Duration, rather than just a quantity of seconds or minutes or hours.

    So, when you are doing a chore or something you are not really interested in, you note the passing of each second. You feel that the duration is a much larger count than the same duration is when you are playing with a friend. It's like you count the seconds spent on the task separately, while you count the minutes spent with your friend, not the seconds. so, 600 "jumps" (seconds) for 600 seconds of chore, versus 10 "jumps" for 600 seconds of play

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