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Is it possible to test positive for covid and test negative a week later?

I work with a nanny agency and one of the parents that I work with said her husband tested positive for Covid after going to the beach with his friends. The mom said she would take a test herself as well as her daughter who I have to watch over and they would quarantine until they got the results. She said her daughter's test came back negative but hers didn't.  Even though the child didn't have Covid, it's my companies policy that we can't watch over the child if any person in the household has covid. Our company policy also is that you pay a monthly fee that holds your child's spot for the agency whether or not they are here (ex: if families go on vacation for a few months and then want to come back with the same nanny). 

This all happen at the end of the month so during the time she was quarantining, a payment was taken out of her account so the company and I could get paid. I guess she realized that we weren't going to put a hold on the payments while she was quarantining or she was upset that she had to keep her daughter at home and still have to reserve her daughter's spot because she magically tested negative for Covid after only 7 days of quarantining and will be bringing her daughter back on Monday for me to keep.I just find it suspicious that she would test herself just days after getting a positive test. It's concerning bc I don't want to get covid and I have no way of knowing if she's lying or not. 

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     Anything is possible but how likely is such event zxjqkdc

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    Lots of test are wrong. That's why many organizations are now asking for two tests within two days that need to match (either both negative or both positive).  It is possible that one or the other of the tests the woman took were inaccurate or that her viral load has gone down enough for her to test negative. Sure, it is also possible that she is lying -- but she needs to produce the test result documents to you, right?

    The key issues here are:

    1. The policy of the company you work for.

    2. The test results of the daughter you are watching.  

    I'd be less concerned about the mother's test results and a lot more about the child who will be in your home. The child should have a rapid test immediately before she comes back into your care.  It seems that, per the company policy, the father, mother and child would all have to produce proof of a negative test before the child could return to care.  Those tests would need to happen immediately before the return to care.

    Your agency should be the one dealing with this and with any payment or policy issues. If you don't feel your agency's policy or their enforcement of the policy is providing you with safety, don't work for them.  

    I'd also point out that for every family where someone gets tested and tests positive that are probably 10 families who have been exposed and may be carrying the virus who are asymptomatic and or don't get tests or don't tell people.  If you don't want to be exposed to COVID, you probably don't want to be in a childcare environment right now.  

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    If she akready had COVID when she tested positive she could test negative the next day

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