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Question trying to find the name of a sci-fi show? ?

This was a show that aired on broadcast TV probably in the last 10/15 years. Every episode had a different cast and different characters. 

One episode had a young couple that had a baby at the end of the episode when it was time to put the baby to sleep, they turned him off and he shut down. He was a robot/ Android. I don’t remember if it was one of the remakes of the Twilight Zone or Outer Limits or another show in the same genre. Does anyone know??

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    In "The Twilight Zone" episode: Hunted (Nov 13, 2002), the cyborg baby was unplugged for the night but the parents were ALSO cyborgs, and the husband had spent the day hunting humans (who they called kreetors) and he killed the last one.  

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    Was it British?  Black Mirror was another sci fi anthology show.  Here's an imdb list of anthology shows like that.

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