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Daughter has almost no emotional control. What's going on? ?

A lot of the time my 20 year old daughter reverts to a child-like state. She's in college and is doing really well, but in the past she has used drugs (more than marijuana) and been very promiscious. She gave her ex-boyfriend gonorrhea, so that was wonderful. 

My daughter is on anti-depressants. I'll give a few examples.

Once she got an A- in a class. She goes to a very good university and my wife and I are just happy she's there, and don't care about her grades. She screamed at the top of her lungs, started crying, and was distraught for days when she heard the news. Turns out it was actually an A, but still.

Another time she picked up her Chipotle and guacamole was not on it, that she ordered. She again got extremely angry and was in such a bad mood I told her to just go back and ask for it even after she already got home. 

When she gets telemarketer calls, if she's in a bad mood, she gives them instructions on how to cut their wrists.  

She complains that we treat her like "an infant." I've told her it's because we don't trust her, and she said, "You never trusted me, and I'm moving out in a month. I don't really need to prove anything to you." 

When she gets upset we try to tell her to stop. She was talking about how she was stressed and being very self-deprecating for about a minute and my wife kept telling her that hearing it was bad for her (as in my wife's) mental health. I told her to stop being whiny. 



She can be really sweet but she also gets in weird almost demonic states of rage 

Update 2:

For your reference yes she has emptied out our alcohol cabinet and blamed her sister but it definitely wasn’t her sister. 

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    Since she's on anti-depressants, she has a doctor who prescribed them. She's also a legal adult. Perhaps you could encourage her to make regular visits to her doctor and find out if the student health program at her college has counseling for their students. Many do. I assume she was treated for the gonorrhea? IF not, it's likely driven her insane and, if so, it has nothing to do with any of this and I wonder why you tossed it in. Why are you making a case against her? Of course she wants to move out! She's 20, she's a college student.... if the people at school that she knows haven't moved out, they are all complaining about it and want to. Very normal thing for gal her age. 

    What is it you "don't trust" her with? Is she sneaking into your wallet and stealing money? Does she drink up the liquor cabinet in record time and then insist on driving? Is she suicidal? She's 20, she's emotional, she's on anti-depressants, she expects excellence from herself and can not tolerate anything else... yeah, I believe she's stressed out. 

    You seem to want to vent, that's fine.. .are you seeking an diagnosis? Certainly the doctor writing her prescription has said something to you or her about her mental and emotional state. If your wife needs help with her own mental health then please encourage her to seek therapy. 

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    Not a "Marriage & Divorce" question. 

    I suggest you move it to "Health > 

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