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have many people who have been diagnosed with "Covid19" really just had the flu virus? (or a slightly different variant of the flu virus)?


99 percent of people recover from it? why are we ruining the livlihoods of people (which is far worse) over a new varient of the flu virus?

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    Coronaviruses and influenza viruses are distinctly different and there is no confusion in the testing. I believe there is overstatement of COVID as a cause of death (documented cases of accident victims who were obviously killed by accident trauma but COVID was shown as the cause of death because they tested positive - because there is money in it for the hopsitals).  But there is NO confusion between coronavirus and influenza.

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    People do die from the flu, but NOT in the droves people are dying WITH COVID 19.   Further, at risk people go get their flu jabs every year so far fewer people are developing flu these days.

    If you are another trying to deny Covid 19 exists, I pray you never get it, or lose a loved relative to it.

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    If people have been diagnosed with COVID, then they have it.  Simple.  Its severity seems to affect people in different ways.  Why ?  that’s not quite understood.

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