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Always Hungry?

I've been having stomach problems for the past month and a half and suffered a severe loss of appetite. Now I'm eating more but can't seem to stop being hungry even after eating. Another problem is that even when I'm hungry, I find it hard to finish food as quickly as a used to. I've tried more fiber, protein, etc. but my body still seems unsatisfied. I heard diabetes might be the problem but I had several blood tests the past month which threw that out of the window. I've been tested for celiac and waiting for a result to come back and I'm not sure if that's a symptom or not because it came on suddenly as I increased my calories. 

I find being hungry all the time is annoying so I'd really appreciate some input. 

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    I go through the same thing. Eat more healthy foods so it won't affect your health. or maybe you're just bored. trying distracting yourself. 

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    1 month ago

    I went through that, my body was not processing the proteins properly, I could eat till I couldn’t swallow another bite, 5 minutes later I wanted something else.

    I was put on a mineral supplement and prescribed vitamins and vitamin d from lack of being out in the sun.  Things did get better.

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