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I feel worthless??

So there's this guy I've seen around but after attending a friend's wedding he began staring at me and doesn't look away even when I look back. Another guy's also someone I know, but after that same wedding, he glanced at me every now and then, but then stood ahead of a trial and stared the entire time until I walked passed. We're all 17/18, and at school, I get severely bullied. And the fact that these guys don't look away even after I look back feels like no-one cares of what I think. My friends say this hasn't happened to them.. so am I not worthy of being treated normally like others?


Fine, here goes:

-I just found out that my best friend of 7 yrs crops me out of all the pictures she uploads and had me blocked on socials all while pretending to be a 'friend' in real life.

-The group of friends I hang around with at school get up to leave whenever I sit next to them. 

-Another friend calls me fat and says she's embarrassed to hang around with me

-Ontop of this these 2 guys from my class began staring after a wedding and don't look away

Why am I the only one being picked on? 

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    2 months ago
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    Could he... like you? 

  • Alfred
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    2 months ago

    well, young lady, with  your kind permission, you're young enough to be my daughter- to begin with...

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Come back when you have an actual, information-seeking question to ask that we could possibly answer despite being absolute strangers on the internet. Anything else and we'll just figure you're a troll. Sound fair? 

    Yep. As suspected. Troll. Thanks for the confirmation!

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