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What are your predictions for what colleges I'll get in to?

I'm applying to the following colleges:

Cornell University

Vanderbilt University

Wellesley College


Indiana University Bloomington

Central Michigan University

University of Massachusetts Amherst

With this information:


Intending to be Microbiology/Pre-Med major

26 ACT (didn't send to Cornell, Wellesley, or Vanderbilt lol)

Play the piano, guitar, vocals, cello, and drums

In a one-woman band

In Impressions club, Red Cross Club, Key Club, STAND club, and Drama Club

Have written multiple novel/las

Play Golf, Basketball, and Track + Field

Was Varsity Volleyball Manager

With this information, what colleges do you think I'll get accepted, rejected, or waitlisted into? Winner will get favorite answer, lol. (Hint, I've already gotten accepted into UMASS Amherst and Central Michigan University.)


An update, lol. My GPA rose to a 3.8/4.0. So far I've been accepted into UMASS, Central Michigan University, IU Bloomington, and I've been rejected from RPI. 

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    26 on the ACT is pretty mediocre. My university gives scholarships to anyone who scores over 32. A lot depends on the reputation of your high school and what courses you took there. Extracurriculars are greatly over- exaggerated by high school counselors. It's a very arbitrary process- some state schools give priority to students who are residents of that state, for example, and we don't know where you live. Some states may be looking to increase the geographical diversity of their students- that's why my daughter got almost a free ride from a school in another state. Some very prestigious schools accepted her, while other, less prestigious schools turned her down. My point is that you shouldn't take it personally. Go to the school that wants you and that makes you the best financial aid offer. 

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    2 months ago

    I think you have a good chance at CMU and UMass - obviously.  I also think you have a good chance at IU.  

    I think you have a slim chance at RPI. 

    I think you have virtually no chance at Cornell, Wellesley, or Vanderbilt.  Your GPA and ACT are well below the averages of accepted students to these schools, and I don't think you have the extracurriculars to really make up for that and make yourself stand out against other applicants to those schools. 

  • 2 months ago

    With all that you've already accomplished, you should be accepted at all of them.

  • 2 months ago

    go apply and see and then you'll know

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