Blood pregnancy test ?

I’m curious to know how soon after implantation bleeding can you take a blood or urine pregnancy test? Do you have to give it some time or can you test right away?

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  • 1 month ago
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    Take the test around the time u would be due on your period from the day onwards,  if your test early your best chances are with an early predictor which can detect upto 6 days before your due on,  first response are a good brand for early detection 

  • 1 month ago

    Beatriz before I am able to answer your question I will need you to answer a few questions first- 1: How old are you? 2: How late is your period? 3: Have you taken a pregnancy test? 4: How long have you been noticing the implantation bleeding and is it still happening? 5: Are you having any pregnancy symptoms yet? 6: Do you track your period with an app or calendar? 7: Is this the first time you had implantation bleeding or has it happened before? Once you answer these questions I will be able to answer.

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