Stress about gossip at work, how to let go?

I am due for a promotion and to move to another department and had completed all the necessary paper work in October last year. My boss told me at the time that everything is busy at the moment and main office will get back the week after Christmas. As the process takes a number of weeks.

On Friday I was told that my boss had not sent through my files. When I confronted her she politely told me that it was up to me and I was to send it through, that I needed to take responsibility for things. There were a number of helpful criticism aka put downs such as "You cannot rely on others to do your work", "Have you even read it?", "Why did you give me this form? It is up to you to complete it" (It was the form she was to complete).

She then gave me a number of people to contact. I later found out that it is solely up to her to complete.

(I had been looking forward to this change all year and 2 of the 3 positions in the next department have now been taken)

I felt very frustrated and spoke to 3 people about the conversation, I also brought up other things which had been bothering me ie micromanaging me etc. I later apologized to each for venting. One quietly told me to watch out as one of the other 2 reports back to her.

I go back to work on Tuesday and cannot stop thinking about whether or not my venting about this will get back to her, it might not, however, I take full responsibility however, my boss is not someone who every lets things go. What should I do?

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Forget it and move on. 

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