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U693CL Android System Update Issue?

I've searched everywhere and can't find a solution to this problem. Everyday I get a fullscreen message saying phone needs a system update. I can download the update, it unpacks and installs, restarts phone, and says update complete. However, once per day it still says I need to update. Also anytime I go back to system update it always says "verification failed" as if the update didn't work properly. I've turned off notifications for all google apps, cleared caches, reset phone, and nothing seems to work. Phone is Unimax U693CL running Android 9. If the update process doesn't work isn't there a way to at least prevent the fullscreen popup from appearing?


Automatic System Updates was disabled in developer options but popup message continues to appear everyday. Also there is no Update Center in Apps or anything similar that I could find.

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  • Olive
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    1 month ago

    One way can prevent it from popping up is too go Settings. Then scroll diwn and tap on System. Now go to About Phone. Tap on Software Info then tap on Build Number real fast 4 times then it will say You Are Now A Developer. Now go back to Settings then tap System and scroll down and tap on Developer Options and tap on it. Now once in the Developer Options scroll up till you get too Automatic System Updates and make sure its greyed out and not turned on----Also go to your apps on your phone and tap on Update Center then tap Software Update then tap on 3 dots in upper right corner and tap settings then turn both options off. Now it wont update

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