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Guppy Fry help PLEASE?

I bought some guppies the other day and, no joke, twenty minutes after I got home, there were baby fish in the bag. I didn't even have time to let them into the tank yet!! So I panicked and put the babies into a different tank that I set up really quickly with tap water and some instant purification thing and they've been doing fine. 


It's winter here, and their water is freezing, but they're too small to put into the big tank yet. So I bought a new legit tank for them and put a heater in and the water is much better. 

But HERE'S MY PROBLEM now... can I put the guppy fry into the new tank?? It's not cycled. OR should I leave them in the freezing water, which also sounds like a problem... Is there a third option, or which is the lesser of two evils to get them safe??

Also, I was not prepared to be a guppy parent so soon, so my apologies for all the questions, but how do I move them from the cold water mini 1/2 gallon tank to their new one? A ladle? I can't even fit my net into that tank. 


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    Set up the new tank, if the tank they are in now is half gallon you should be able to carry that to a warmer area.  Cycle the new tank 24 hours.  When it’s been cycled, remove half gallon water.  Over the next 25 minutes temper the water between the half gallon tank and the new one .  Add about half cup heated water, let it mix in, remove half cup then add another half cup.  Do this until the temperature between the two tanks is the same.  Use a thermometer not just your fingers.

    When you have the temp the same you can slowly dump the half gallon tank to the new one, if you can’t dump it use a cup to scoop out most of the water,  when you have taken as much as you can add back 2 cups, watch for any babies missed.

    You can use either use fry food or use the adult food but smack it up really fine to a powder between your fingers do they can eat it.  I never had. Problem grinding the food for the babies to eat.

    Good luck.

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    A heated uncycled tank is better than a cold uncycled tank.  It takes 4-8 weeks to cycle a tank, your fry can't wait that long. 

    Put them in the new tank, but make water changes often and carefully.  You can add used filter media from the cycled tank filter.  even if you have to cut the filter cartridge padding in half and stuff it into any space in the new filter.  Then the new tank should cycle much quicker.  

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