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Any plot ideas for this story?

so i need to make up a novel story for my project and the title is called Isolated Island theres some characters a girl and her sister and some other yound 20 years and theres this bad guy with guards and guns with them and i dont know what it would be about. 


no im just simply what the story would be about, i do my own story its not plagiarism

Update 2:

well i lied about the project im not evrn in school, im just planning to write it for fun

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    Well the 2 girls could have this huge secret that could depend on there lives and the bad guy figures it out and they try to kill them. The 2 girls could be on the run, and they bump into many other bad people, no one trusts the girls and the bad guy could be like a spy for this really bad cult or something.

    That was more of a story line, sorry

    But i think its good.

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    How long does your story need to be? How many words?

    Ask yourself questions about the situation you were given.

    What is the time period? Today? In the Pirates of the Caribbean days?

    Where is the island? Is there food and drink or is it shipped from elsewhere? It the climate hot, cold, mild or very windy? 

    What is the time frame of the story? A week? A month?

    What are the characteristics of the characters?How did the girls get to the island? Were they shipwrecked or did they deliberately land on the 'isolated island'?If they deliberately landed there, what are they looking for?Why does the bad guy and his armed henchmen live on the island? They are protecting something or building something.   A nuclear missile? A priceless jewel or a lot of stolen money or military secrets? Maybe they have kidnapped the girl's parents.Why did you call the island "isolated"? Is it hard to get to? Is it in the Arctic or another place hostile to settlement? Is it too small to be noticed? What do the girls intend to do? Hide? Spy? Steal the money or plans? Free the captives? How do they escape?

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    The title is "Isolated Islands". The title is not "called" "Isolated Islands" - the story is called "Isolated Islands".

    The story is up to you. It's your story: it's up to you to think about what these various characters might do. There always has to be some kind of aim and conflict.

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    You need to write your own story. Plagiarism is illegal.

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