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Do you guys use GIFs to say things you're not comfortable write in your own words?

This guy friend and I text every day in the morning before we start the work and in the evening when the day is over. Sometimes during the day. Some things are fun, some just everyday things. 

Today he did something he never did before. He started sending GIFs. At first they seemed just like a fun conversation without using words that made me laugh. I can't describe all that has been sent, but then he sent this gif that says "I love you". I asked him to tell me about it and he sent another one that says: "who cares". He also sent gifs that says: " what you're thinking girl" and "you just blew up my mind" and "It brings me joy"

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  • Helen
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    2 months ago

    No because I'm not 15.

    One of you will have to start being straightforward not it's going nowhere.

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