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Went skinny dipping at my friend's, then realised they have security?

We were having a party and later on wound up in the pool. Mixed bag of dress occurred, between people who brought swimmers, people who jumped in in their underwear and a handful of us who went balls out.

This is all fine,  but later that night I realised the host has security cams, several of which look over the pool area and deck. For some reason I got so much more shy and I feel kinda awkward. Like there's a load of us running around naked and playing at silly buggers on video now....

What can I do about this? 

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  • Foofa
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    2 months ago

    As long as you were there with permission it's not illegal to skinny dip. But if you're now bashful about being naked just don't do it again. 

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    Well, u definitely dont bring it up as maybe no one was actually surveilling and the footage was just recording in the event an incident happened. If you go mentioning we were all naked, u will spark their curiosity. Meanwhile, who knows what they've seen, probably seen it all. At my old job I had one girl professing apologies for getting caught screwing her boyfriend on our lounge chairs. I had to explain, I wasnt upset because of what she was doing, I was upset because my guards who just got raises were clearly not keeping an eye out. 

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    I don't think you have to do anything.  I used to work on the DVRs that are used to record video of security cameras.  99.99% of security systems are not live monitored.  You walk into the security room and the DVR is running but the monitors are typically not even turned on.  Even if the monitors are turned on, you need to find somebody with the key card or combination to unlock the room just to let you in there.  You will find the room unoccupied.  As for the runs in a loop.  The loop is a few days up to a few months, depending on how much storage the DVR has.  Some have gobs of storage so they might save a full year of video before any is over-written.  But the video is very rarely reviewed.  Nobody really cares about the video on the DVR unless something strange happened.  Example:  Sunday night, somebody breaks in the rear door and steals a notebook computer.  Monday, after the theft is discovered, they go to the DVR to review video from Sunday night showing the rear door and the area where the computer was.


    -  Nobody watched you and your buddies running around the pool naked.  You aren't that interesting.  

    -  The video will not be reviewed by anybody.  You aren't that interesting.

    -  The video will definitely be over-written (erased) before anybody sees it.

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