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My son is incapable of handling his own financial affair due to disability. Does he qualify for Military ID?

He's not 100% incapable of self support, but he's 100% incapable of handling his financial affair due to a disability that began under age 21. Does he qualify for Military ID Card and SBP?

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    First of all, let me clarify some answers here that a physician CANNOT make a determination whether your son is incapacitated. The Department of Defense cannot either. Only the Judge in the court can make that determination. Now as far as your concern goes, to best answer your question is if your son is not 100 incapable of self support but is incapable of handling his financial affair, then there are other things to be looked at. The question is, has his disability began under 21? Does he lives full time with you? Does he draw 50% of your support? If all these question is yes, then your son might be eligible for his ID card. However, I tend to agree that the ID card is of limited use on the base.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    SBP is if you die and you elected for it when you retired. ID card will only get him on base and limited use of things not help. 

    His not being capable of handling finances isn’t a valid reason if he can still work and support himself. Military cannot help him financially that need something else like setting up a trust and having specific POAs, trustees, etc for him. You need to be speaking to a financial advisor for all of this. 

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    No.  Besides, an ID card is of limited use.  

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    Sounds like you are the only one who may feel this is the case and it would be considered self serving, as you are looking for $$ and benefits.

    The lack of details limits the advice you might seek.

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  • 1 month ago

    If you can have him deemed incapable of taking care of himself, he can continue to be a dependent.  It generally takes a physician note to make this determination.  There is a form you need to have the physician complete. 

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