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Is our universe fine tuned? If the properties were changed in the slightest bit, wouldn't other life exist rather than human life?

If you think about it, the chance of life on Earth could've been slim but that doesn't mean there wouldn't be any life at all. For instance, if you and your friend both apply for the same job and this particular job is rather difficult to get accepted at, and your friend gets accepted while you get left in the dust. Well, you keep applying for this job and eventually the manager hires you. It's the same way for life on Earth; if the conditions are right, then life can pop up. Human life wouldn't just come out of nowhere but a single cell could. Take the first organism that appeared on Earth. The first organism most likely arose in the first body of water because the conditions could suit it. Now, let's go back to the fine tuning question. If the constants were changed in just the slightest bit, wouldn't other life exist? What I mean by that is these properties and laws of gravity, the weight of molecules, etc, can suit us, hence why we came about in the first place, but if they were even a tad bit different, couldn't we expect to see a whole different species on Earth or rather on another planet? Take Venus, the hottest planet in our solar system, for example. Just because we cannot survive on Venus doesn't mean another form of life can't. Back to the fine tuning question again. Even if the properties were changed, couldn't we expect to see a different form of life? Just because science can't answer everything doesn't mean religion can.

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    Whether or not other life would exist would depend on which parameters were changed, and by how much. It wouldn't take much tweaking to prevent from any matter coalescing at all.

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