What is the best glide ratio of the Pipistrel G4 (double fuselage aircraft)? is it a Sailplane?

Im already searching for this info but honesfly it still unclear to me if Pipistrel G4 (double fuselage aircraft) is actually a Sailplane.. it is in fact a Sailplane?

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  • 1 month ago

    Regardless of lift,  it is not a sail plane if it can not climb in a mild updraft.   So a 747 in no way is a sail plane.    To be able to go up they need to have a large wing with light weight.    As far as gliding down,   the weight changes the speed of the glide so a heavier plane will come down the glide faster but will climb slower.    Many racing gliders have water ballast that can be dumped if necessary to slow the descent rate and improve the climb rate.    FORTY TO ONE is considered a high performance glider.  German Sailplanes in the 1930s had a TWENTY TO ONE glide ratio and that was considered good.   Regardless of what you get having a transponder is something you should install.    Gliders being made out of fiberglass do not show up on radar all that well and more than one have been hit by airplanes. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    YES, it's a sailplane.

    With a small amount of intelligence and internet search skills youi can find the glide ratio youirself. FAIL

  • 1 month ago

    It is a "self launch ultralight glider"

    The G4 was a test craft used to develop  the Panthera four seat hybrid. Which is a real airplane.

    Maximum Glide ration: 41:1

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