Hep B is it a false positive? ?

So the called called and said I might have hep b. However I’m confused because I got all 3 series of the vaccine when I was younger so I should be good for life. However she wants me to see a specialist so they can take another test. But the thing is when I called the nurse told me there was not a second test done to see if it’s was truly positive. So could it be a false positive? And should I wait to tell my partner until I get the real results? Mins you I think I got it from him cause this has never shown up before and I tested a month before me and him started messing with each other. And he also gave me clymidia. And he said he didn’t know he had it cause the girl before me only gave him head and they didn’t have sex because she smelt bad. 

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  • 2 months ago

    Not sure the context of why you took the test(s) that are not stated. 

    Just to simplify what the interpretation of tests are here. When somebody is suspected of having hepatitis a blood test screen with liver enzymes e typical showing that hepatitis is present. One of the  most common reasons for that is viral hepatitis which is when a panel for hepatitis is done. It tests for several types of viral hepatitis. One important test is the HBsAg which is for hepatitis B. If one is positive for that with the screen then a confirmatory test is performed which is a separate test which confirms the presence of hepatitis B. The confirmatory test is mandatory for all initial positive hepatitis B surface antigen tests. This happens before the test is reported out as positive.

    In addition to that test people with hepatitis B also end up with an antibody against hepatitis B called Hepatitis B core antibody HBcAb. One sees this antibody only in people who are infected with hepatitis B and not in people who were given the vaccine for Hepatitis B. 

    The flow of testing normally rules out false positives early on thus the referral to a gastroenterologist that treats hepatitis. 

    Not all receivers of the hepatitis B vaccine become immune. There is a failure rate associated with the vaccine. The antibody associated with immune status is the presence of hepatitis B surface antibody HBsAb. You find that in people who are immune and in those in which a successful vaccination outcome. 

    A person who is currently infected with hepatitis B would show a positive HBsAb negative, HBcAb positive and HBsAg positive. 

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