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Why are zoos still a thing?

Why is it still allowed to capture innocent animals and keep them in tiny cages for their entire lives in an environment they don't belong, for the amusement of Humans? It's disgusting and exploitative. I'm sick of the excuse that zoos can help animals to survive, conservation places do so much better without the disgusting elements zoos have! 

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    To do benevolent things for wild animals, it is necessary to keep the general public interested in wild animals.  One way of doing this is through the availability of zoos.  City dwellers can see wild animals alive, and hence may be more interested in conservation, than they would be otherwise.  You can argue both sides of this question, but there IS an argument for familiarizing urban people (and especially their kids) with wild animals that they can see up close.  "Nice" zoos have reasonably large enclosures and try to allow the animals some of their normal range of activity.

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    Most zoos are about education, conservation and preservation anymore.   Animals are given environments that simulate their natural environment, as well as enrichments.

    Without zoos, many of these species would end up extinct

  • 2 months ago

    You are unaware of the breeding programs for critically endangered species being done? 

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