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Assuming I put my cat in such an outdoor 18 sqft house, and lock it well with a key and a dead lock maybe, can my cat run away?

My husband hates cats even though we have a 2 storey house (shops, his apartment office and our apartment). I'm wondering where I should put her when she rests. She's so feisty and strong. She can move heavy chairs and tables. 

I'm also wondering whether it's safe to make a beautiful house for her on the rooftop prior to future construction projects there, on the balcony or somewhere inside near the rooftop door. In the last case, I'm so afraid she might take the stairs and run away as she's a rescue cat and still so fearful of humans.

There's no way I will divorce my husband over this; there is no way to put her inside one of the rooms for now; I really want her to be safe and warm.


I will never abandon her. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Dear, there's a simple solution: Put your husband in the box. If the kitty is as strong as you say, he's going to scratch you. You husband won't.

    Your husband isn't going to change. So, just leave the kitty outside. Can't you put Mr. Kitty in the shop?

  • Raven
    Lv 5
    2 months ago

    Assuming you aren't a troll... This is kind of nuts. You want to put this shy cat in a special room built up on your roof. So, she will live out her life there, alone, in a room, on a roof?? Do you think this is the best life for this cat? Have you ever heard of the idea of loving someone so much that you will do the best for them, even if that best is not the best for YOU? I think you care about this cat, love it, but you're being selfish. What you're proposing is, to be blunt, a crappy life for the cat. This cat needs to be inside the house, have full access to the entire house, have patient, quiet, understanding owners that will allow her to come out of her shell in her own time. Sticking her in a room all alone forever is the OPPOSITE of that. Please, if you do love this cat, place her in a home where she can actually be a part of the family and not an outcast in a jail cell.

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