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when parents first get a dog is this mistake understandable child tries to pet dog and backs it into corner outside the child is young?

when parents get a new animal and the child sees the dog wondering why the dog is not acting friendly and tries to pet the dog wondering why the dog is moving back then backs it into corner I also no a person who made a worst mistake I no a man who jumped onto a dogs back when he was little also some dogs if the don’t no a person would feel threatened so there for

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    It is the parents' responsibility to teach the child proper behavior and to protect each from the other. A dog that cannot evade a child who is hurting it will have no choice but to bite in self defense. 

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     Why are you repeatedly spamming this question? Twice that I know of yesterday, and once so far today: It has been answered also a multitude of times.

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    REPEATEDLY ASKING the same question is SPAM and you will be reported for it, if you do not STOP.  The question was asked TWICE yesterday (and answered) by MANY PEOPLE, so move on.

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    Nathan, I'm sure you think you have a valid reason for posting this over and over and over again .  If it's for the attention, it's sad.


    Do I believe you "no" a person who jumped onto a dog's back?  Yes, I do.  And as you say (repeatedly):  "so there for."

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  • 2 months ago

    You asked this yesterday.  No it is not understandable.  Parents should have been supervising the interactions of the child & the dog.

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    2 months ago

    Already asked and answered...................

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