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I added shredded cheese to melt in my split pull apart baked muffins, what's something creative you did even if unhealthy?

I love adding tuna and extra cheese to my mac n cheese. Sometimes salami or pepperoni too and cottage cheese.

I added cheese and tobasco to my cup o noodles.

I made sourdough ham n cheese melt sandwiches yesterday.

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    I doctor up prepared food sometimes, usually by adding extra vegges, especially spinach, cheese or eggs.

    I call these 'cheater meals' because they are easy.  I live alone so am most often cooking for one and these are easy meals.  I'm also a home chef and spend lots of time cooking, especially now, during covid, but following are some of my favorite 'cheater meals' that I've been enjoying for decades.  Note that I'm a healthy eater and most of the 'cheats' I do are to make a complete meal out of something simple, like canned or boxed soup.

    To tomato or roasted red pepper tomato soup:

    I'll add a handful or two of baby spinach and poach a couple eggs in it after the spinach is wilted.

    Depending on if I'm have toast or tortillas with it I may add a little balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar with the mother or tapatillo.

    To lentil soup:

    I'll add a couple handfuls of baby spinach, or any cooked vegetable I have left over, and sharp cheddar cheese.  I like this with a slice of buttered whole grain toast.

    To the 'just add water' chicken couscaus soup that comes in a cardboard cup I'll add finely diced parmesean cheese.  For this type of thing I use the American parmesean that is much cheaper than the italian version.  It's one of my favorite cheeses and I always have it on hand.  You can get this in big blocks at costco or smaller ones at Trader Joes.  What I love about this cheese is it can be sliced (regular parrmesean can't really be sliced) into paper thin slices, microplaned into a fluffy cloud or cut into matchstick sized pieces for cheese plates.  When I do a cheese plate I like to have at least 4-5 cheeses and I cut each one to a different shape.  This is ALWAYS on my cheese plate in matchsticks and I've never ever taken this to a party and not had at least a couple people like it so much they ask me what it is.  Alone, with whole grain crackers and fruit or olives it makes a lovely light lunch.

    I like to put cottage cheese garnished with fresh cracked pepper on toasted whole grain toast.  This needs to be eaten right away or it gets soggy.  Avocado on toast is also amazing.

    I like to add peanut or almond butter  and/or grated apple and cinamon and a small handful of raisins or a chopped date to instant plain oatmeal.

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    I have jam & cheese sandwiches.

    I add chopped spam to a chicken pie.

    Make scones with cheese & apple.

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    i like to toast and butter my pop tarts! specifically the strawberry or blueberry ones. 

    & i like to dip my chocolate into melted chocolate.

    & add extra cheese to my mac and cheese.

    & toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the skillet... soo good.

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