need some good advice?

im 25, unemployed, want a career in electrical engineering, need 4 years of college for the degree.

have the option of starting a career in Information Technology (IT) by doing a 1 year diploma which could help me with employment.

however, it's not something i am geared towards careerwise.

what would you do if you were in my situaton?

would you go to college by asking parents or loaning the money and get the 4 year degree for engineering, expecting to graduate around 29/30 years of age and then look for a job?


would you do the IT diploma for one year look for a job in that career path and leave engineering for another day

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    1 month ago
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    At 25 I would go and get a job ANY job so I was working and earning and then  look for an apprenticeship in electrical engineering if that is what I wanted to do

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