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What do you think of these six actors, and what are your favorite performances of them?

Tim Robbins,

Joaquin Phoenix,

John Malkovich

Kurt Russell

Jeff Bridges

Dan Akroyd

Bill Murray

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    Well, they are all great actors, so let's start with that.

    Let's talk about best performances:

    Tim Robbins - Shawshank Redemption

    Joaquin Phoenix - Joker.

    John Malkovich - Being John Malkovich. I dunno. Is there any greater tribute than having a movie (not just any movie, a weird art movie) made about yourself? He was great in that movie, as himself. John was also great in Dangerous Liasons.

    Kurt Russell - Big Trouble in Little China

    Jeff Bridges - Big Lebowski

    Dan Ankroyd - The Blues Brothers

    Bill Murray - Groundhog Day

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    Tim Robbins~  he's great.  War of the Worlds, The Shawshank Redemption, Arlington Road, I.Q. and Life of Crime.

    Joaquin Phoenix~  I am not a fan.

    John Malkovich~  Prolific character actor with some great roles.  Love Red and Red2.

    Kurt Russell~  He's oaky.  Very formulaic. I like Big Trouble in Little China.

    Jeff Bridges~  Also okay but formulaic.  Love him in Arlington Road.  Loved him in the little remembered Somebody Killed her Husband.

    Dan Akroyd~  I think of him as a character actor and he's had a lot of good, but brief roles.  Blues Brothers and Ghostbusters are my favorites.

    Bill Murray~  I am not a fan although I liked him in St. Vincent.

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    Robbins - The Shawshank Redemption

    Phoenix - Walk the Line

    Malkovich - Secretariat 

    Russell - Overboard

    Bridges - Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

    Aykroyd - Coneheads

    Murray - What About Bob ?

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    Tim Robbins,   The Shawshank Redemption

    Joaquin Phoenix,   The Joker. 

    John Malkovich ,     Con Air

    Kurt Russell ,    Guardians of the Galaxy 2 

    Jeff Bridges ,   Fearless 

    Dan Akroyd ,   Blues Brothers 

    Bill Murray,    GroundHog Day 

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