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Did cornelius fudge hate Harry ?

He did not believe him that Voldemort was back and and did dumbledore believe Harry I know another thing it's a year after the Triwizard tournament and he then turns up when Voldemort disapiers and believes him 

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    Cornelius Fudge did not hate Harry, he was simply afraid of the truth. But he did hate Harry for a little while because he kept interfering with his plans and job.

    For example, when Cedric Diggory died and Harry said that Voldermort had returned, Fudge simply did not want to believe this because it would mean the end of peace the Ministry had tried so hard to create. 

    So Fudge then blamed Harry for everything because he was afraid.

    But in one of the last movies when Cornelius FINALLY see's Voldermort in the Ministry he was forced to believe that He had returned. And then Fudge was annoyed that he did not believe Harry and Albus Dumbledore.

    So, for the record, the answer is, no but he did for a while.

    hope this helped!

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    I think he feared the truth more than he hated Harry. If you think back he wasn't a very nice person, it was either his way or no way - I don't think he actually liked anyone  that didn't agree with his views.

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    Yes...for awhile, because Harry was (inadvertently) screwing up his political image.

    In other words: yes, for awhile, because Harry was endangering his cushy job.

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