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About Northeast Houston's McCarthy Road that's going to change? ?

Will become a toll road with complete feeder rds! Exits after intersections and entrances before intersections! Intersections go below grade level, with parallel feeder rds here to go below grade level! While the toll rd will be at grade level at IH 10 and IH 610, with parallel below grade level feeder rds! Two Outside IH 10 and 610 Feeder Rds at McCarthy depress below grade level to meet the McCarthy Feeder Rds! While 2 Inside IH 10 and 610 Feeder Rds overpass McCarthy! Intersecting rr tracks rise above grade level! Sides where there's development must be sidewalks far from curbs with sidewalk ramps at intersections! By schools be pedestrian tunnels! Bridges over water in developed areas be hike and bike trails! Intersecting pipelines in developed areas have hike and bike trail tunnels! 

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    I'm with Arthur all the way on this! This runs right by where I live! Being a toll rd will ease congestion, esp this is truck alley! I'm with hike and bike trails under bridges and by pipelines with hike and bike trail tunnels, which I'd take a hike with that! Best with rr tracks above grade level, no disruption to traffic, and no need to over pass or underpass!

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