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My psychiatrist is on MEDICAL LEAVE, I've been assigned a new one who was judgemental and doesn't know me yet wanted me to reduce my meds!!?

Hello, so I've been working with my psychiatrist for the last year and she was always helpful and never judged me for my issues. Well unexpectedly she is on medical leave:( and Ive been assigned a new psychiatrist that i had a virtual visit with, and she was condescending. I was pretty much having to defend myself after she made all sorts of assumptions. First, she wanted me to reduce adderall because my anxiety has been high lately. I told her my anxiety is more situational and recently i was diagnosed with a new medical condition and its changed my life and I have a lot of anxiety about my doctor's appts. Next, I told her of my panic attacks and really bad insomnia. She said she won't prescribe a benzo, i didnt ask for benzo's!  She also said that I'm "an interesting case"  because i have a rare medical condition, but i was insulted by being called a "case", next told me i should reduce adderall to help my insomnia. Adderall has been life changing for me (2 years on it)  and i have insomnia because i have anxiety and panic that just started! THen when she told me that's why my blood pressure is high and my heart rate I told her that nooo my high blood pressure started when I was diagnosed with my health problem and that everytime i have treatment my BP goes down and that my heart rate improves. Then at one point she said "you're really smart" and when I told her about my career (the health field) she chuckled about it???  Should i change psychiatrists?!!


No I didn't ask for benzo's it could have been anything else but she just said I should reduce the adderall. The thing is i get fatigued but my thoughts and anxiety keep me up at night, adderall isn't the problem its my worrying:(. I feel bad when she called me an "interesting case" there is nothing interesting about having an illness you never asked for she said if i keep feeling bad she would prescribe clonidine in April...:/ I can only hope my psychiatrist returns from med. leave:(

Update 2:

I don't know what other medication there is I've been tried on trazodone, mirtazapine, and those were too sedating when i wake up. I also was on buspar maybe i can start buspar again:(... and see if that helps. I ended up just taking matters into my own hands and just took a bunch of medication yesterday just to make me sleep i had another really bad anxiety attack i didnt sleep until 5am:(

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    Seeing a new psychiatrist would literally make you start from the beginning.  The choice is yours.

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    Just a guess, but were you looking for some medications that are controlled?? 

    Xanax, ativan, valium etc.??

    Adderal is certainly a controlled drug.

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    I'm sorry to hear that. I'm seeing one with which I feel really bad around. Do what makes you feel best. They can be really not great dealing with people's problems, they can go too far or be too insensitive. I personally don't trust them and would rather solve my own problems.

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