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Are lingering COVID-19 symptoms contagious? ?

I caught COVID-19 on December 19th and my symptoms showed on the 25th. On January 4th, , I developed a cough (assuming it’s post viral). This cough is still present now. I have not had a fever for a while (since late December). I also have congestion (chronic for me, but worsened December 25th. It’s not as bad now) I’m wondering if I’m still contagious? I’ve been in isolation since the 25th.

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    You probably should get a new COVID test. Symptoms are not contagious, but a cough can help spread the virus, which is contagious. The key is how much virus is in your body or comes out of you when you cough. If you still test positive to COVID, your viral load is high enough to be contagious. It is also possible that your just have a cough that isn't related to your previous COIVD infection.

    In your situation, you should talk to a doctor and also follow your county health departments guidelines for isolation.  

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