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Why are elderly people prioritized if most are retired and have more option to stay home versus younger people in the workforce?? I disagree?

I definitely agree with elderly living in nursing homes to get the vaccines since they are living in close quarters as well as all healthcare workers! BUT aren't most elderly people retired and have more of a chance to stay home quarantining?? Unlike people in the workforce who are having to go to work everyday and provide for their kids and families and have NO CHOICE IN STAYING AT HOME SINCE they need to pay bills?? I understand some elderly people 70+ work and i think people in the workforce should be prioritized too but i dont agree that all elderly people should have it if they arent working and are retired and just at home!!! also i dont mean to be heartless but they've already lived and I'm sure they know there time is coming... am i the only one who thinks this way???? I would rather give a younger person 20+ years of living without the health implications if they get covid rather than give a 70+ person 5-10 years of extended years WITH HEALTH ISSUES LETS BE REAL. :( Im all ears...  

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    The reasoning is if they catch Covid then they end up in ICU, which here in the UK are stretched to capacity. Age weakens the immune system.

    This is WHY they have the vaccine first to protect our NHS in the UK.

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