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Persona 5 strikers standard or digital deluxe edition which should I buy ?

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    Depends on if you care about the deluxe bonuses. The deluxe adds persona music from other games into the soundtrack and gives you some attacks from the start that you'll unlock later otherwise. Plus you're able to play the game four days early. And for that it costs $20 more. I've gotta say, I like the idea of having a larger soundtrack because I always enjoyed the music in persona games, but I don't think that's worth $20 to me, especially because the longer I play an rpg the more tired I get of the easier battles and music that accompanies them, and then I end up just turning a podcast on while I go through it. So I think I'd rather either buy the standard edition or wait until its on sale. But if you really want to play the game early maybe the deluxe is for you. 

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