Trucking Business Startup; Box Truck or Semi Trailer? ?

Hey Everyone

A little about me:

So the pandemic has been a wake up call for a lot of us, including myself to invest in a business. I'm an entrepreneur, I have my own brand which I used to sell shoes. Also wanted to start a car dealership, but sales are hard to make, especially now & too many competition so I didnt start the dealership. So I am moving towards Service Industry instead of sales. I am interested in venturing into the trucking business. I know of a couple of truckers. One of them owns his semi & trailer & one drives a semi for a company. They're both making thousands of $ weekly. Of Course the guy that owns his makes more, $5k weekly. I have no experience hauling. 

My Plans;

I plan to drive the truck myself. I am only interested in driving locally within TX or 200-300 miles radius & be home daily or most days. I'm not really interested in driving cross country long haul type of load. The guy who owns his truck persuaded me to get a Semi truck but honestly I don't think I can handle a semi truck. It takes a certain type of skill to whip that thing & it also requires a CDL which I don't have.  If I do choose a Semi, I would mostly likely look for a driver. But with a Box Truck, I can drive myself. 

The Question;

Should I get a Semi or 26ft Box Truck? Can I make a decent amount with the box truck?  I'm good with netting $2k-3k weekly honestly.  Thank you for looking.

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  • 1 month ago

    They're hiring at the post office. You'd do better there that putting out $50,000 for a 26' bobtail, then trying to find product to haul. At this point you have none of the experience you need. Maybe you could work your way up to higher positions over 20 years and retire.

  • CB
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    1 month ago

    You need to do a business plan first so you know what is required and who is willing to pay for your services and what type of truck is in demand. Check with local transport hubs to see if they need some LTL trucking. Look up Hot Shot trucking that may be more compatible with your needs. 

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