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Could you file a credit card claim to get a refund when your children over use your credit cards?

Ok this is so crazy but I see it happening. So not to name any names but someone close to me had this happen.

She has a teenage daughter, this women isn't really good with technology so she usually goes to her daughter when she needs to get stuff done electronically (pay bills, print, scan, check accounts, etc)

She just recently found out her daughter lied to her and has been using her credit card for almost a year (and racked up around $5,000+). She went paperless so never received statements and only checked her account monthly to pay bills (through her daughter). Her daughter took snapshots of her account page and balance page, then changed the numbers so her mother never got suspicious. When the mom went to pay for groceries using her credit card, it got declined. The daughter was instantly busted when the mom called the company (Discover) and found out her actual balance ($5,000 or so over what it should of been). She is freaking out, her daughter has been buying various things over the course of the year and dooping her. She doesn't know what to do, she thinks the company won't believe her since it's been so long and on going and again 5k worth of money. 

I honestly feel bad for her, she's really sweet and never got use to technology because her family could never afford one when she was younger (shes an african). What can she do?

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  • 1 month ago

    The only way such a claim would be successful is if she reports the identity theft to the police and turns her daughter in.

  • Ajay D
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    1 month ago

    my neighbors learned computers after the age of 80 years. so age is no bar for this.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    She could have done so in a short period of time. Not now. And it would have involved calling the police on her kid.

    Its WAY too late for disputes a year later.

    She should make the kid work and pay every dime plus interest.

  • 1 month ago

    She needs to file fraud charges to cover herself legally. 

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  • 1 month ago

    It doesn't matter whether they believe her or not.  Once you let someone use your card, ever, even just once, even for just one penny, you are responsible for all the use that the person makes of it, forever.  Since she let her daughter use the card, at some point, for something, she cannot get a refund of the daughter's other charges.

  • n2mama
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    1 month ago

    If you feel bad for her you could offer to help pay her debt. Otherwise she is pretty much S.O.L. here. Ignorance isn’t an excuse that will gain her any standing with the credit card company. If she wants to press charges against her own daughter she probably could, but that won’t do anything to help her financially. The credit card company isn’t going to do anything about charges ongoing for a year that she didn’t pay appropriate attention to. How would your “friend” prove that she didn’t give her daughter permission to use her credit card? She needs to hold her daughter responsible for paying back the debt, but she owes it to the credit card company.

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