Do you think I have Tourettes syndrome?

I would feel uneasy tensions in certain parts of my body and would move or twist it in a way to make the feeling go away. Sometimes it takes doing it a few times to go away. And when I think of tics, I picture involuntary movement, but for me, it's not truly involuntary. Like it is not completely out of my control. One "tic" I previously had got me snorting and it made people judge me, but it was like I couldn't hold it in and I just had to do it to make the tension go away (temporarily). I don't know if any of this makes sense and I probably sound crazy. I've had this happen to me since I was a little kid, but they have been getting worse lately and it is making it hard for me to sleep. So, is this what Tourette's is? Are these just tics? Is this something else I just haven't heard of? 

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  • 2 months ago

    Its possible.................................................... 

    TS  is a disorder in which motor and vocal tics occur frequently throughout the day for at least a year.TS often begins with simple tics (repetitive, unwanted, purposeless, jerking muscle movements) in early childhood and progresses to bursts of complex movements, including vocal tics and sudden, spastic breathing. Vocal tics may start as grunting or other strange noises and has and can progress into compulsive, involuntary bouts of cursing.TS is an hereditary disorder which is more common in boys/men than in girls/women. The precise cause isn't known, but it is thought to be an abnormality in dopamine or other brain neurotransmitters (substance that nerve cells use to communicate).Many folks have  simple TS, such as repetitive eye blinking, this may be a nervous habit and can disappear in time,,,,The tics with TS are more complex than just a simple blink or muscle jerk. A child with TS may repeatedly move the head from side to side, blink the eyes often, open the mouth often and stretch the neck. More complex tics include hitting and kicking, grunting, snorting, and humming. People with TS may call out obscenities for no apparent reason, often in the midst of conversation. They may also repeat words immediately after hearing them (echolalia).Some folks are able to control some of the tics,, usually with a bit of difficulty,,,,, and others can not control any of the tics it occurs some what more with emotional stress. People with TS often have difficult times in social situations. Many with this disorder develop impulsive, aggressive, and self destructive behaviors, and children often have difficulty in learning. Whether the disorder itself or the extraordinary stresses of living with  disorder cause these behaviors isn't known.

    Source(s): nurse
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