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if you live in new jersey, can you get the covid-19 vaccination in new york or are there different requirements for each state?

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  • 1 month ago

    NY is supposedly only vaccinating its own residents.  However I qualify for group 1b for age (82) and chronic illness, and despite trying can't get to the point where I can apply--turned away at every site I've tried.  Good luck in NJ

  • 1 month ago

    I live in NY state - and GOOD LUCK trying to find a place in NJ that has the vaccinations, or will even let you make an appointment.  DRUMPF decided to short NY on supplies, and any other state that was Blue - and told us that he had a stockpile for the second shots - but instead, SOLD those to other countries.  So where I live, the latest *bait* is that the supplies are to arrive Tuesday, and we can make appointments Wednesday. I'l believe THAT when I actually get the needle stuck in my arm.  And there is NO WAY we are going to take you in, in NY.  Ours is ours, and yours is yours.

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