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Why do record labels find talent of a certain genre, and then make them sound like everybody else in the mainstream?

So many times, I'll listen to an artist, and they'll sound unique, but then they become discovered by major record labels, and then they sound like everyone else in that record label.. or maybe I'll listen to someone from the mainstream, and then look into their older stuff and discover they sounded totally different..

Why do record labels find talent and think to themselves "Wow, they sound amazing. Let's change how they sound!"?

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    Because record labels don't give a sh*t about unique sound or talent, they're strictly in it for the money.  They're not looking for the next meaningful thing, they're looking for the next thing they can sell.

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    Money is the driving factor to their such decisions, and what's worth many sales are the songs that can appeal to the mainstream public, which seems to comprise of a certain set of "requirements" or features. Whatever will sell the most.

    A "new band" might be different in some way when becoming part of the mainstream field, hence something appealing to a mass of consumers (people constantly want something new, or it's how trends typically work).

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