Why dose my mom think life is all about work.?

Ok I get you need to work in life cause nothing is free. But to work at a place you hate just make no sense. I'm 28 I was and I have 2 jobs. My first job is at amazon. I'm a pick. The moneys is good but hours are just crazy long.my other job i am sever at assisted living facility. I enjoyed the sever job more than I do at amazon. but there pay is not all that good. i said to my mother I should just go part time at amazon and work my sever job at the same time. She said it no sense and I should stay at amazon. Truth is amazon stress me out too much and I feel dead. She say thats life. I Think it bs imo.

1 Answer

  • I'm a picker / packer too but not for amazon and I love my job. It doesn't stress me out because we're allowed to work at our own pace and the company treats us very well. So that's not always how life is, you don't have to work at a job you hate doing. 

    She thinks you should stay at amazon, because the pay and hours are probably better. If you want the server job, ask about working full time and possibly getting a raise, specially if you've been there over a year. 

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