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How to reassure him that I am serious and in it for the long haul?

I am in a situation with a guy I really like.. I think I love him. He is scared of getting hurt and although he has been very expressive and keen in the past, because we couldn't be together and I ended things he is cautious this time around - which I totally get. Basically we dated for a short time, we were really into each other but I had to move away and so I ended things before things got serious between us. In doing so, he felt that I didn't care about him but I did. I know it doesn't make sense but I ended things because the prospect of a long distance relationship made me worry I would fall in love with him and things wouldn't work and we would both get hurt. I thought I was protecting both of us. I know he was genuine and we had something really good together. We both living in the same city now and are dating each other again. We both want a future together. He says he wants me to prove my feelings for him and that he is serious about me but he worries that I may leave him again. I am not going anywhere and I am 100% committed to him even though it's the early stages, we have some history and my feelings haven't changed. What can I do to show him I am serious and reassure him without it becoming me doing all the work, obviously relationships should have equal effort made. He talks about the future a lot and things we can do together. I agree with what he says but as someone who isn't pushy I guess I don't really initiate those convos. He wants me to make amends

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