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What happens at rehab?

I’m an alcoholic going into rehab for a week, to detox.  What can I expect from it?  

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    At the one I went to in the UK, it might be different elsewhere but I can only talk about the one I went to. You spent most of your time just socialising with other patients and you took librium which was gradually reduced over a couple of weeks until you stop getting withdrawals. Then they kick you out and it's up to you if you are going to stay like that or not. They didn't do much other than that. There was a games room and TV room. I only stayed because I had two friends, a man and a woman, if I had not hit it off with anyone I wouldn't have lasted five minutes. Sure they can get you to stop having withdrawals but they can't control you afterwards and then it's up to you. If you are going then bring some earplugs, there's always a snorer and it is unlikely you will have your own room. Also I went in just after Christmas, so there wasn't many people, so all the food you wanted, then as it filled up I still got enough to eat but no more comfort eating. Bring change for the vending machines.

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