How can I connect Bluehost to my Google Domain without losing my current MX server?

Hi Community, recently I started working on a website for a company of mine. I obtained the domain name from Google domains and decided to host my website with Bluehost. I crafted the website with wordpress and it was up and running smoothly. However, when I wanted to start using Office 365 for my MX server and tried to add the DNS setting to the custom resource record it did not allow me to as the Synthetic records that Bluehost provided when I connected it to my domain already included MX records. Now, I can only use on: either the Bluehost records or the office 365 records but not both at the same time. I only need Bluehost for my website but not for my email. How can I solve this? 

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Contact bluehost support as they support Office365 also.

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